Thursday, April 27, 2017

To biblio 04/27/2017

    • I am an Exitarian, not a Libertarian. I believe that better governance is created by lowering the cost of exiting political systems. To lower the cost of exit, one most opt out by creating new alternatives.

      Exitarian praxis includes: startup societies, agorism, alternative education, blockchain projects, mutual aid societies, syndicates, general entrepreneurship, recreating civil society, or other ways of opting out by creating alternatives.

      The best test of an idea is not how well it is argued, but how effectively it is implemented in the real world. There should not be a universal ideology applied to all, but many experiments.

      Competition is predicated on the ability to leave one’s current provider. It’s easier to leave if the experiments are small and transparent.

      If libertarianism is truly correct, it will be the victor of these experiments. However, in order to properly test its effectiveness, we have to let different ideologies compete.

      Perhaps liberty is not the scope or role of government, but the ability to choose a different one. In that case, to achieve liberty, one must exit libertarianism.

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