Friday, April 28, 2017

To biblio 04/28/2017

    • Virginia

      A technology employer for all

      Richmond’s Maxx Potential is a five-year-old tech company whose workers are paid (starting at $12 an hour) to learn on the job. With little technical experience, they work alongside more-seasoned colleagues to build websites and apps for Fortune 500 companies and local nonprofits alike. Some stay for years, developing nuanced skills and training newcomers.

    • West Virginia

      A grassroots cure for PTSD

      The Veterans and Warriors to Agriculture Program helps vets, who account for an estimated 9% of West Virginia’s population, transition into civilian life and contribute to the state’s growing farming economy. With new funding from the statehouse, the program plans to offer veterans training, employment, and even help securing land.

    • Pioneering gold and Bitcoin investment firm DigitalTangible has announced it is diversifying into the market afresh – by offering peer-to-peer exchange for gold.
    • Paytm users can also choose to have the gold delivered to their home. And when it's time to sell, they can do that through the app as well.

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